Soil Stabilization Solutions

Industries & Uses


The Envirotac line of polymers are often used at existing airfields on the taxiways and runway shoulders. It is utilized to prevent dust and debris from becoming airborne and visually impairing pilots or even damaging aircraft.

Border Patrol Roads

To prevent dust from giving up the location of Border Patrol vehicles, the Envirotac line of polymers have been utilized. It will not only prevent dust, it will eliminate the constant need to regrade the road by eliminating potholes and wash boarding. This will lower vehicle maintenance and repairs and increase the speeds in which vehicles can travel.

Construction Site Dust Control

To any dust challenge, Envirotac line of polymers is the solution. It works great on mass graded areas, finished pads, stock piles, roads, and even fire access areas. Envirotac line of polymers are used constantly to control fugitive dust on construction sites. When applied, water is no longer needed to control and prevent PM10. Envirotac forms a durable layer of protection over the surface of the treated areas.


When considering applications to maintain dust control and keeping dust off of photovoltaic panels consider Envirotac. Envirotac treats dust and stabilizes soils on access roads and other problematic areas throughout the site.

Fire Access Roads

Fire access roads are required are on most construction sites. The psi requirement for a 80,000 lb Heavy Fire Truck & H-20 loading is 110 PSI. With the use of our Envirotac line of polymers you will achieve much greater than the max PSI amount required at a fraction of the cost of building a fire access road with traditional means.

Hazardous Site Sealing / Landfill

Envirotac line of polymers can be used to make the base for landfills which will not allow the harmful pollutants to seep or leach into the earth. In addition, by spraying Envirotac on top of hazardous materials, it will contain the gases and odor by reducing the PPM, preventing air and water pollution. 

Historical Sites

If keeping the naturally preserved aesthetic of a dirt road is a priority, then use the Envirotac line of polymers. They dry clear, keeping the look of the soil but giving it the strength of a paved road.

Oil & Gas

Oil roads, pads, storage areas, and even spill containment areas are perfect application to take advantage of our Envirotac line of polymers specially formulated treatments. It will reduce job costs and increase safety throughout the site.

Runways Stabilizer

When Envirotac bonds the soil particles, it will create a tough durable surface that will withstand heavy loads and adverse weather conditions. It works better than conventional methods at a fraction of the cost. The time frame required to construct with Envirotac is greatly reduced from traditional methods as well, so you can start work immediately.

Sub-Base Stabilizer

Envirotac line of polymers has been effectively used as a sub-base for roads, out-performing a standard rock base in performance and significantly in cost. Envirotac has been a preferred choice by many Departments of Transportation, replacing rock base and then having a cinder seal or chip seal sprayed over.

BMX Tracks

The three parameters on which the BMX tracks are designed are: Continuity, Safety & Comfort. Use of Envirotac line of polymers in making BMX tracks enhances the comfort factor of the rider, reduces the cost of construction, utilizes in situ soils, saves time and above all, is environment friendly. Any color pigment can be used to give different colors to the track.

Cart Paths and Trail Stabilizer

Envirotac helps in dust control, mud control and avoids path and trail erosion. Aesthetically pleasing it will hold all soils and aggregate in place making a durable path and trail that will take minimum maintenance to upkeep. 

Dust Control

Spraying Envirotac on loose soil binds the soil particles and does not let the them be carried into the air, preventing dust pollution, thus reducing dust allergies and other respiratory problems. One application will control dust for over a year at a fraction of the cost being spent maintaining with water.

Erosion Control

Envirotac line of polymers is ideal for erosion control. Upon applying, it will form a “film/lamination” that strengthens the surface of the soil. It creates a three-dimensional network structure in the upper 1-2 centimeters of soil. This reduces the turbidity of the soil run-off by keeping the soil particles in place. It also reduces the soils permeability preventing water erosion, yet still allows moisture and oxygen to permeate through the "film/lamination" which allows the soils to hold moisture longer protecting the soil and plants from rapid dehydration.

Golf Bunkers

Our Envirotac line of polymers are the perfect product to line newly constructed or reshaped golf bunkers. It will seal the native soil in place not allowing it to contaminate the white sand used to fill the bunkers. It is a fraction of the cost of traditional methods and easier to apply yet more effective.

Heavy Haul Road Stabilizer

Used on heavy haul roads, Envirotac prevents dust, wear, and erosion. Further, it helps saving water, preventing equipment damage due to dust, preventing loss of tire tread due to road wear and reducing emissions from equipment that would normally be used to maintain the road.

Mine Tailings Dust Control

Envirotac line of polymers have been assisting mines reduce airborne particulate matter for over 25 years. Used on tailings, Envirotac will create a tough layer of protection that will laminate soil particles in place. We have had singular applications that have been effective for over 5 years.

Parking Lots

Asphalt and concrete can be very cost prohibitive for building a simple parking lot next to your home, apartment building or business. When the rain comes the aggregate and soil fines erode away. Using Envirotac and it’s unique nanotechnology copolymer, you can have a parking lot without all of the expenses, dust, and erosion usually associated with parking lots.

Staging Yards

If you have a large project both temporary or permanent and you need a staging yard, Envirotac line of polymers is a perfect product for you. The beginning phases of a project are usually the most dusty and when you want to keep your neighbors happiest and not complaining about your big new project. It is great for keeping dust down and stabilizing the area giving your area the strength it needs to support heavy equipment.

Unpaved Road Stabilizer

Our Envirotac line of polymers have been used on roads around the world. Used with in-situ material, Envirotac will increase the CBR, increase compaction, reduce soils permeability, create a dust free surface, and increase traction even when wet, all at a fraction of the cost of asphalt, importing rock base, maintaining with water and using bitumen.

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