Earth Glue is an environmentally friendly acrylic polymer. It is added to water and when applied it will penetrate the soils and bond them together creating a tough layer of protection. Earth Glue is a recycled product from the polymer industry that has been reworked to serve the dust control and soil stabilization sectors. It will outperform salt based and lignin products traditionally used for dust control on roads.


This is the lowest cost polymer product used for dust control/ soil stabilization on the market. It was developed to compete with salt based products and not only does it outperform them it is roughly the same cost or many instances cheaper. It is also more environmentally friendly, than not only salt based products but other traditionally used


Features and Benefits

  • Great for Dust Control Solutions & Multiple Application for Roads

  • Soils

  • Environmentally Safe

  • Non Corrosive

  • Does not leach

  • Does not get slimy/slippery when wet

  • Cost effective

  • Reduces maintenance on roads

  • Longer life span than traditional methods

Envirotac II, when applied, will penetrate into the soil, bonding the soil particles, and binding them in place. The treated area becomes very resilient to wear and our unique elasticity ensures the road will survive the onslaught of vehicular traffic, rain, snow, and various conditions that can wear down a road. The product is non hazardous, dries odorless, and transparent.

Envirotac II was developed over 25 years ago and is frequently used in the theatre by the United States Military. When Forward Operating Base Camp Rhino was being constructed to support Operation Enduring Freedom, Envirotac II was used to stabilize the soil within the base. It was there that it received the moniker “Rhino Snot”. Competitors have tried to appoint their products similar names they just could not produce similar results. Government studies have concluded that Envirotac II is the most cost effective dust suppression product, cumulative over time, when compared to traditional products, such as asphalt cement stabilization, chlorides and water.

EP&A Envirotac is the leading soil stabilization company around the globe that offers lab-tested advanced polymer-based erosion & dust control products, which are used in numerous industries for a wide range of applications.

Case Study

Envirotac II Recommended at Marine Corps Base at Twenty Nine Palms

Following Unbiased Tests

Study Goal

Clean Air Act Compliance   

With the goal of reducing particulate matter to levels in compliance with the Clean Air Act, the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center located at Twentynine Palms, CA is implementing measures to control dust generated from vehicular traffic on unpaved roadways and other areas of concern.

Selection of Products to Test   

The Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center put considerable effort into developing and implementing an equitable test of dust suppression products. In January 1997, information was solicited from interested companies and products were ranked in terms of material and labor cost and equipment requirements. Envirotac II was among the five top ranking products for further evaluation.

Bench Scale Test Methods and Results  

Test protocol consisted of both bench scale and field-testing. bench scale testing involved the implementation of six test beds, one for an untreated baseline and the others for the first selected products. Each test bed consisted of soil placed within a concrete containment system; a hydraulically powered test wheel to simulate a vehicle tire rolling over soil, and dust recovery system that isokintically collected the dust generated. Envirotac II from Environmental Products was the most effective dust control product, showing 97% improvement over the untreated baseline. The second most effective product showed a 90% improvement, and the others were considerably less effective.

Field Test Methods and Results

In the field tests, Envirotac II and the second ranking product were applied on sections of an unpaved roadway. A representative from Environmental Products and Applications applied two passes of Envirotac II from a 800 gallon towable tank; the other product required two workers, a computer controlled sprayer/water truck, and three applications. The roadway was opened for traffic after four hours of curing, at which time both products were suppressing dust. After twenty eight days, however, the surface treated with Envirotac II was 50% more effective in preventing ruts than the other industry leading product.

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